Non-ventilated Enclosures

Purifier Non-Ventilated Enclosures provide a circulation-free work area designed to reduce cross contamination. These enclosures have an ultraviolet light that decontaminates surfaces and denatures trace DNA during periods of non-use. Bi-fold doors close the sash opening while the UV light is in use to prevent inadvertent personnel exposure and contaminants from entering the enclosure.

The Purifier Non-Ventilated PCR Enclosures, designed for conducting polymerase chain reaction procedures, include a UV light timer that allows the user to select from eight time settings. The Purifier Tissue Culture Enclosures may be used for culture manipulation of non-hazardous samples. Because these enclosures do not provide protection to the user, they should not be used in conjunction with biohazardous material, toxins or radionuclides. You and your safety officer must carefully assess the risk associated with any operation perfromed in a Purifier Non-Ventilated Enclosure. As an alternative, Labconco also offers Purifier Filtered PCR Enclosures with a supply HEPA filter that provides ISO Class 5 (formerly Class 100) operating conditions.

Non-ventilated Enclosures

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  • Declarations of Conformity

    • CE Declaration of Conformity - Purifier Non-Ventilated PCR and Tissue Culture Enclosures

      For 39524 Series 4' Non-Ventilated PCR Enclosures and 39514 Series 4' Tissue Culture Enclosures

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