Vacuum Concentrator Systems

Vacuum Concentrator Systems combine multiple concentration components into one easy to order catalog number. Just add a vacuum pump and you will be ready to concentrate your samples! Aqueous, Acid-Resistant, Solvent, Proteomic and Mobile CentriVap Systems are available.

The CentriVap Complete is an all-in-one concentrator that houses a vacuum concentrator, cold trap, diaphragm pump, rotor and CentriZap strobe light in one convenient package.

Gel Dryer Systems are also available. 

CentriVap Concentrator System

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Models Available

Labconco offers application-specific concentrator systems that package the concentrator, cold trap, chemical trap and rotor under one catalog number. 

CentriVap Installation

This video demonstrates how to set up and install a Labconco CentriVap® System, a laboratory science centrifugal evaporating system.

Literature & Resources

  • Brochures

    • CentriVap Centrifugal Vacuum Concentrators and Cold Traps Catalog

      Provides features, benefits, accessories, and ordering information on CentriVap micro IR, Benchtop, Refrigerated, Acid-Resistant, Cold Traps, Proteomic Systems, DNA, Mobile Systems, and Complete Systems.

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    • CentriVap Zentrifugal-Vakuumkonzentratoren und Kühlfallen

      Enthält Funktionen, Vorteile, Zubehör und Bestellinformationen zu CentriVap micro IR, Benchtop, gekühlt, säurebeständig, Kühlfallen, proteomische Systeme, DNA, mobile Systeme und komplette Systeme.

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    • Concentrateurs centrifuges sous vide et pièges à froid CentriVap

      Fournit les caractéristiques, les avantages, les accessoires et les informations de commande sur CentriVap micro IR, Benchtop, réfrigéré, résistant aux acides, pièges à froid, systèmes protéomiques, ADN, systèmes mobiles et systèmes complets.

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    • Italian-Language CentriVap Centrifugal Vacuum Concentrators and Cold Traps Catalog

      Concentratori con vuoto a centrifuga e trappole a freddo CentriVap

      This Italian-language brochure contains a selection guide, features, benefits, specifications and ordering information on CentriVap micro IR Concentrators, Benchtop Concentrators, Refrigerated Concentrators, Acid-Resistant Concentrators, Cold Traps Concentrators, Proteomic Concentrator Systems, DNA Concentrators, Mobile Concentrator Systems, and Complete Concentrators. Ordering information on accessories is also included.

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  • User's Manuals

    • CentriVap Centrifugal Concentrator Systems Quick Guide to Installation

      This guide is in English, Italian, French, German and Spanish.

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  • En Español

    • Concentradores al vacío centrífugos y trampas frías CentriVap

      Con la línea CentriVap® de Labconco, puede garantizar un alto nivel de procesamiento de muestras de manera eficiente. Biológicos o no biológicos, de bajo o de alto volumen, nuestros concentradores garantizan una producción eficiente de múltiples muestras pequeñas sin comprometer la integridad.

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    • Concentradores al vacío centrífugos y trampas frías CentriVap

      Proporciona características, beneficios, accesorios e información para pedidos de CentriVap micro IR, de sobremesa, refrigerado, resistente a los ácidos, trampas frías, sistemas proteómicos, ADN, sistemas móviles y sistemas completos.

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Aluminum Blocks

Dry Evaporator, Concentrator & Cold Trap Accessories

From blocks to rotors to strobe lights, numerous accessories are available to customize your Labconco dry evaporator or vacuum concentrator.

Traps and Other Vacuum Pump Accessories

PrimeMate Oil Change Systems, Chemical Traps, Dry Ice Traps, Liquid Nitrogen Traps and Liquid Traps are available, as well as the necessary tubing and tubing accessories.