About Labconco InfoTags

Every serialized Labconco product produced after August of 2021 comes from the factory with an InfoTag™ printed on its serial tag. The InfoTag is a unique QR code that will open a custom web page that's dynamically populated with information specific to your unique product. The InfoTag carries information about its product listing, Labconco catalog number, and its serial number.

Here’s the information you’ll find (if applicable to the type of product you scan):

  • Quick product registration, with reduced data entry
  • Quick contact for application support
  • Quick contact for product service
  • Factory test results for your specific unit
  • Available software updates
  • Most recent revision of user’s manual
  • Instructional, installation & demonstration videos
  • IQ/OQ documentation
  • 3-Part specs
  • Declaration of conformity


No website registration is required to download documents through the InfoTag link. You can even engage in live chat during Labconco business hours by accessing the Contact Us menu and clicking on the "Chat Online" button.

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