TCT Additive Manufacturing Award

Watch the video of Brent discussing the work behind the award.

I caught up with our in-house 3D printing guru Brent Griffith to find out about an honor he had recently received – a TCT Award for excellence in additive manufacturing. He described a design process called generative design, which he and the engineering team use to invent many possible solutions for a given problem, test the best candidates, and eventually develop an ideal, mechanically effective and cost-effective new part. The final solution that they developed is light weight and uses a smaller amount of material than the part it replaces. It's also strong, durable and beautifully organic in appearance.

The TCT award recognizes Brent’s use of innovative strategies that contribute to real-world applications. It’s an honor for Labconco to have these award-winning efforts associated with our organization. Join us in congratulating Brent on another professional milestone for himslef and Labconco’s cutting edge engineering.

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