Luke Savage

LEED Green Associate, Director of Ventilation Technology

Department: Sales & Support

Country: United States of America


Around the office, Luke is well respected for being the “master of all fume hood knowledge,” but he’s an interesting character for many other reasons as well. He is a lifelong entrepreneur, an experienced engineer, an adventurer, and one of the friendliest voices you’re ever likely to encounter through a business call.

One of the most striking things about Luke is his voice. He can effortlessly catch and maintain an audience’s attention with his soft-spoken demeanor. The knowledge Luke imparts is usually as much a revelation as his voice implies; he speaks in a way that causes people to lean in to listen as they would to a whispered secret. For this reason, it comes as a shock to many that Luke loves to sing incredibly loudly, albeit not usually while he’s working.

A great deal of Luke’s free time is spent conquering the world. More specifically, he likes to defeat the wilderness in classic man-versus-nature fashion with his wife and children—camping, canoeing, biking, Jeeping…

Luke’s diverse engineering background includes design work, such as custom rotational coating equipment for the aviation industry. He has also worked as a field engineer on offshore oilrigs, of which he reports, “helicopter rides are fun.” He even owned his own design and contracting company. He modestly says, “It was a general partnership. I was Engineering, Contracting, and Sales. My partner was Finance, Legal, Insurance, and Marketing.  At the end of the day though, we both would sweep the floor.”

When asked what’s important to him about his work, Luke looks to the people who use the equipment that we build. “Some of the most dangerous and sophisticated research, testing, and technological breakthroughs happen inside Labconco equipment,” he says. “I imagine the people working with hazardous substances inside Labconco equipment; these are fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters.  Protecting the individuals that make life better for all of us, means that I have played some small part in that process. 


LEED Green Associate

E.I.T., Fundamentals of Engineering, Kansas

Note: The LEED Green Associate credential is for professionals who demonstrate green building expertise in non-technical fields of practice. The Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) has created the LEED Green Associate credential, which denotes basic knowledge of green design, construction and operations. 


Kansas State University Bachelor Of Science, Mechanical Engineering


Product Specialists' Expert Guidance

"I would like to thank your technical staff for presenting themselves as patient and entirely helpful...the guidance was clear and thorough."

-Chris F., Argonne, IL