Labconco Fume Hood

Find the Right Fume Hood for Your Work

As a matter of personal safety, it's important to select the right fume hood for your applications. Our lab ventilation experts help you make an informed decision to protect your personnel and your lab environment. We're passionate about providing high quality products that give you confidence. Labconco offers fume hoods for every chemical application, in filtered-ductless and traditional ducted models. Whether you need chemical fume hood for an industrial environment, an educational facility, or a special application, we're here to help you find the right chemical handling equipment for your needs.


How to select the correct fume hood for your applications

Given Labconco’s wide variety of fume hoods, how do you know which one is right for you? Here's a guide to illustrate the strengths of each model and help you make the right decision.

How to select a fume hood for an energy efficient lab

When addressing sustainability and energy conservation in laboratories, fume hood options should be evaluated carefully for each individual situation. All costs should be considered in the evaluation; the purchase price is only a tiny fraction of a fume hood's overall cost.

How to select the right fume hood sash glass (video comparison)

Many types of glass are used for the front sash component of the fume hood, and people often ask which is best. The two most common types of sash glass are tempered safety glass and laminated safety glass. A third option is polycarbonate glazing material, for a few less common applications.

Infographic: How to Select a Fume Hood Blower

Your fume hood blower is an important component of your lab's ventilation system. Selecting the proper blower is critical to maintaining the safety and containment of your fume hood. Here's what you need to know.