Nexus Horizontal Clean Bench

Nexus. Next Level Clean.

Experience the Nexus Horizontal Clean Bench – the most advanced laminar flow workstation available. The Nexus is designed to protect non-hazardous applications and meets the rigorous demands of life science, materials science, pharmaceutical and pharmacy applications.


Laminar airflow is driven by an ECM blower powered with Constant Airflow Profile (CAP) technology for continuous, precise airflow that is energy efficient with long-lasting HEPA filters.


Take control with Nexus OS – a powerful, intuitive touchscreen interface. Operational information, with data logs and certification records are stored onboard and can be accessed remotely for worry-free compliance management.


Achieve unparalleled protection for your critical work with an ultra clean ISO Class 4 working environment. The sleek design includes tempered safety glass and a stainless steel option for effortless cleaning and durability in critical environments.