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Children's Mercy Research Institute - Cell and Gene Therapy Facility

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Children's Mercy Research Institute serves not only the Kansas City area, but also the region. Their work goes beyond treatment into the development of new techniques for the care of young people. 


The facility needed innovative solutions to adapt to the future of medicine, while enhancing patient-outcomes today. Labconco collaborated with CMRI to outfit their facility with flexible lab spaces, cell and gene therapy suites, and BSL-3 lab spaces to maximize safety and efficiency for breakthrough research and enhanced patient-care.



Children's Mercy began construction before much of the research work was solidified. Labconco's solutions allowed for long-term adaptability to meet their future needs.

  • Type C1 biosafety cabinets can switch between A and B mode
  • Mechanical ventilation system was designed for future expansion and changes as needed


Installation: Oct, 2020


The changes helped save energy up to 56% in CFM by switching from Type B2 biosafety cabinets to Labconco’s exclusive Type C1. This helps with smaller mechanical ventilation system by volume and lower static pressure requirements. Now the 410,000 square feet of dedicated-research space is supporting the worldrenowned pediatric hospital with 367 beds, flexible lab spaces, GMP cell and gene therapy suites, and biosafety level 3 (BSL-3) lab space. The Labconco equipment will withstand the rigorous needs of researchers and optimize their workflows for the lab of the future.