Children’s Mercy Hospital – Inpatient Pharmacy

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Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) - Inpatient Pharmacy

Amidst system-wide pharmacy updates to comply with USP <797> and USP <800 >, Children's Mercy Hospital (CMH) also needed to renovate its pharmacy dedicated to its Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Labconco consulted with CMH to provide several laminar flow clean benches to support the pharmacy's role as a provider to some of the most in-need patients. These horizontal clean benches are used by CMH's pharmacy to compound sterile drugs for patients in the PICU.


CMH was on a tight installation timeline for their new laminar flow hoods, with hood certification and pharmacy inspection dates already pre-scheduled. Labconco worked closely with CMH and their construction team, Turner Construction, to ensure the hoods were delivered and installed on time.

Medication IV workflow instruments and the use of Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) Compounders are key contributors to the production of CSPs for CMH the PICU. CMH selected Labconco’s extra deep horizontal clean bench models, to accommodate these instruments within the ISO 5 environment inside each laminar flow hood.

Keeping materials close by is an important component of maintaining product sterility. Each enclosure is outfitted with storage bins for syringes, and all systems sit atop customized hydraulic stands that give technicians full range of motion for total ergonomic control.


Reliable, high-quality support and a customizable product from a trusted long-term manufacturer of laminar flow products.

Each of the laminar flow hoods were provided with a customized sliding drawer system to maximize storage space for sterile compounding items. The system keeps all items directly within reach of each pharmacy technician and limits the number of times a technician needs to leave their hood to retrieve supplies.


The Inpatient Pharmacy is 579 square feet of space and is designed to produce 12,200 compounded sterile preparations (CSPs) each month. The pharmacy is operated by four pharmacists and three technicians working in the space, which is comprised of the following areas:

  • ISO 7 Positive Pressure Buffer Room: 279 square feet
  • ISO 8 Ante Room: 93 square feet
  • Pharmacy Workroom: 207 square feet

Installation: Oct, 2021