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Amber Complete Fast-Freeze Flasks

Fast-Freeze Flasks attach with adapters to valve ports on Labconco Drying Chambers and Manifolds. They are available in clear or amber-colored glass. A complete Fast-Freeze Flask consists of a rubber top, glass bottom and a supply of filter paper.
Tops, bottoms and filter paper are available separately as replacement components. Adapters are available in borosilicate glass or stainless steel. Fast-Freeze Flasks and Adapters are compatible with any brand freeze dryer that has 1/2" or 3/4" diameter valve ports.
Glass flasks withstand max temperature of 490º C. Flask toppers withstand a max temperature of 450º C.

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300 ml Amber Complete Fast-Freeze Flask
7540601 Amber Fast-Freeze Flask 300 ml

Catalog # 7540601

Price: $325.00

    600 ml Amber Complete Fast-Freeze Flask
    7540801 Amber Fast-Freeze Flask 600 ml

    Catalog # 7540801

    Price: $395.00

      750 ml Amber Complete Fast-Freeze Flask
      7541101 Amber Fast-Freeze Flask 750 ml

      Catalog # 7541101

      Price: $415.00

        900 ml Amber Complete Fast-Freeze Flask
        7540901 Amber Fast-Freeze Flask 900 ml

        Catalog # 7540901

        Price: $435.00

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